The Challenge

The objectives that were identified during the Measurement Model and Personas workshop phase of the project included:

1. Create awareness of the venue and programme
2. Generate revenue e.g. ticket sales, food and drink, donations, memberships
3. Generate leads for space hire
4. Drive footfall to the venue
5. Promote Broadway’s contribution to local and regional culture and community

Un.titled have been great and patient with us! Would thoroughly recommend.

broadway cinema_the-challenge

The Solution

Our user-led discovery, design and testing process defined user needs for existing and aspirational audiences, informing a new, seamless user experience.

Developed in Drupal 8, integration with Vista’s API and online purchase pathway was crucial. This required both technical development and also working closely with a number of other technology partners - implemented through a responsive design applied to the unified new platform.


  • Website Development
  • UX and Visual Design
  • User Engagement (User Testing and User Interviews)
  • Drupal Development
  • Managed Hosting


  • Drupal 8
  • Vista API
broadway cinema_full-site
Grab & drag

The tricky part of the design process in this instance was the creation of an adaptable design to comply with their ever changing brand colour palette.

Each season or event type saw the introduction of a new colourway for their brand, something of which has become very recognisable to their customer base.


The introduction of their brand bars across global regions of the site was a simple but effective way to address this challenge.

broadway cinema_grid-width-banner