Fully responsive WordPress Blog


John Smedley appointed Un.titled to develop a WordPress blog showcasing articles about their designs and heritage.

This blog features articles and seasonal updates from one of Britain's most iconic fashion designers.


  • Strategy & UX
  • Design
  • Development


  • WordPress

Strategy & UX

Embodying John Smedley’s heritage and brand aesthetic was core to the build; the blog had to look and feel like John Smedley.

It was important to ensure the website didn't just feel like any other blog. Everything about it is bespoke and thought-out.


John Smedley have an enviable reputation for quality and craftsmanship and their customers are understandably discerning.

Keeping colours and type true to the brand made the website feel like an important part of John Smedley's online presence.


The John Smedley Blog is built on WordPress. Flexible content blocks allow content authors to construct responsive pages layouts suitable for any requirement, whilst ensuring the look and feel of the website is preserved.

The modular layout and content management configuration was designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind. New features and functionality can quickly and seamlessly be added to the website.