Fully responsive brand website


Hand & Lock appointed Un.titled to develop a responsive website showcasing their fine embroidery services.

Hand & Lock have 250 years experience embellishing, embroidering and monogramming garments for the Royal family, the military and fashion houses including Dior, Hermes and Louis Vuitton.


  • Strategy & UX
  • Design
  • Development


  • WordPress

Strategy & UX

Beautiful, elegant, one of a kind... The objective of the Hand & Lock website is to communicate the beauty of their work to encourage the target audience to get in touch.

The website plays on the elegance of its embroidery work and the grandeur of its history, showcasing them subtly but enough to pique further interest.


Clean, modern and elegant. Each colour carefully considered with typography to match, whilst allowing the beautiful images of past work to shine through.

The Hand & Lock website was designed for mobile first to ensure the experience on small screens is not compromised in any way.


The Hand & Lock website is built on WordPress. Flexible content blocks allow content authors to construct responsive pages layouts suitable for any requirement, whilst ensuring the look and feel of the website is preserved.

The modular layout and content management configuration was designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind. New features and functionality can quickly and seamlessly be added to the website.