Custom Design

The Magento Open Source fashion store was built and centred on simplicity, to allow MARQUES’ALMEIDA to put the powerful aesthetic of their brand centre stage. Custom design was employed to create an original layout which effortlessly highlights the brand’s collections, as well as an unconventionally minimalistic homepage.

UI elements are subtle and basic, but intuitively remain in position on screen as the user scrolls and explores. This minimalist approach makes the website a pleasure to use, enabling users to effortlessly discover MARQUES’ALMEIDA ’s beautiful women’s fashion, before checking their basket - all without leaving their current page.


The site was developed with straightforwardness in mind. The same ethos was applied to both the functionality and potential extensibility of the site. Photographs, videos or other content can be embedded in-page as required, allowing MARQUES’ALMEIDA to showcase the most up to date multimedia content they are producing at any given time.

To compliment the variety which each season of clothing brings, different layouts are made available to a site manager; able to choose different spacing and placement options as desired for individual collections, to suit their unique styles.


The website makes the most of Magento Open Source’s ecommerce features and intuitive CMS platform, which combined with the bespoke design creates a unique ecommerce store.

Fully integrated, secure payment gateways with PayPal and credit cards make finalising an order quick and easy for users, hitting all the essential benchmarks for modern fashion ecommerce.


  • Custom Design
  • Development


  • Magento Open Source