Founded in 1987, the ARP business has over 30 years of years of experience as well as a 30,000sq ft. premises based in Leicestershire. ARP were looking to reflect their strengths in manufacturing and services with a brand-new website, to provide an impactful and engaging online experience for new and existing customers.

The new ARP website includes:

  • User friendly case-study section allowing browsers to choose by categories including refurbishment, house development, listed/heritage and more
  • Optimised for responsible design, allowing web visitors to browse whilst on the go
  • Popular product section featuring bespoke display of comprehensive product information along with quote request, samples request and case-studies and further detailed product information in an easy to use accordion style table to display visual information to aid web visitors buying decisions
  • Reworked information architecture, creating ease of navigation/filtering, allowing visitors to get to destinations in 1 to 2 clicks.
  • Bespoke template created on the popular WordPress platform with custom blocks to create modular flexible pages
  • Find an installer section
  • Intuitive, streamline mobile navigation and search