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Brand identity

We work with clients to get a feel for their company and ensure that our work reflects their ethos and aims.

Goal identification

During the workshop phase, we outline the key objectives before pinning down the exact goals that want to be accomplished. Here we identify strategies with clients that can help us to feasibly reach these goals.

Key performance indicators

This is where we agree on what factors can be measured to identify how effective these strategies are proving. Depending on the goal, the key performance indicators give tangible evidence of how effective our efforts are being.


Later in the process, as we are charting specific indicators of our success, we can compare and contrast what are proving effective and what isn’t. This can help us work with the customer to better formalise our strategies.

Frequently asked questions

How do our workshops work?

We look to get all the important players from both Un.titled and our clients into the same room. This encourages discussion and conversation and allows the collective creative juices to start flowing.

How do workshops link with UX design?

It’s all about getting a sense of why the client has come to us. By engaging with clients in a workshop environment, we can gauge what the right course of action is.

What does metric charting bring?

Our workshop process and all our work with clients is ultimately about gaining the insights that then help inform ongoing development. This can help inform online offers for companies.

Why should clients go down the workshop route?

Our workshops help open up the lines of communication and allow us to add a human element to our work. You can get to know us, we can get to know you, and we can collaborate to reach a successful end goal.