What's Involved...

Data analysis

We survey your existing user base and compile data on how your current audience interacts with your brand. By analysing the information we gather, it’s easier to understand where your audience currently is, and pin down ways to enhance your tone of voice in order to engage with them more readily.

Tone of voice workshops

Our tone of voice service centres around workshopping your needs directly with you. This is where we identify what makes you you. We carry out a series of exercises - for example celebrity ambassadors, scales of voice, ‘we’re this, not that’ - bringing together your audience and the best tone of voice to engage with them via.

Tone of voice guideline creation

Once we’ve carried out our analysis and workshops, we’ll create a set of tone of voice guidelines and share them with you. These are actionable insights that can help you implement your tone of voice across all communication formats consistently and effectively.

Check in

Finally, just when you think you’ve got rid of us, we’ll check-in to see how you’re getting on. We’ll also check if there are any areas you need further help with - be that search, PPC and/or embedding your new and improved tone of voice back into the way you create content.

Frequently asked questions