Our most popular services......

Set Up

Our Shopify team will help get you set up - we’ll support you in importing product data, pricing and imagery, theme selection, organising site structure and supporting domain selection.

Support and Development

Our experienced Shopify developers will ensure your online store takes advantage of all the basic native Shopify functionality you need. We can also support with more advanced implementation, including custom apps and ERP integrations.

Design and UX

We’ll create a beautiful, customised store design that builds your brand equity and is sure to delight your customers. We can undertake UX and persona workshops, create web brand guidelines, and create a complete bespoke design to help you meet your end goals.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing team can help drive traffic to your site new Shopify site and help you engage with your target audience using a holistic approach to SEO, PPC and CRO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Shopify bring to my business?

With a website built on the Shopify platform, you can reinvent how your customers engage with your business online. Your ecommerce site can be fully customised, with unlimited products and inventory available and enhanced purchasing options.

Why is Shopify popular?

The creation of your ecommerce site, as well as product management and payments, is all handled via a single service with Shopify. Shopify also has a vast selection of themes and supports targeted marketing campaigns.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus takes the solid base offered by Shopify and extends it. Shopify Plus makes it easy to automate campaigns, launch products online and meet high demand.

Is Un.titled a true expert in Shopify?

Un.titled is a Shopify Plus Agency Partner, meaning we know first hand the benefits both Shopify and Shopify Plus can bring to any business.