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User personas

User personas allow for a better understanding of the type of people that are or could be using your website. These personas help define how the site is used, and what improvements could be made to enhance the user experience.

Focus groups

Getting people to sit down and discuss what’s right and wrong with your digital offering can quickly help shed light on what’s landing and what’s not. These groups offer the chance for honest discussion and recommendations that can be hugely advantageous.

User discussion

Carrying out conversations with potential users or collating surveys can enable a deeper understanding of who you are as a brand, and what customers or site visitors are seeking from you.

Market trends

Analysing current trends and prevalent themes can provide the footing required to then make positive changes to your approach. Having a better awareness of how the land lies and the competition that is out there enables positive decisions to be made.

Frequently asked questions

What is the UX Design process?

All UX design should start with a thorough analysis of your requirements. Designs will then be created, tested and revised. Once objectives have been achieved, designs can then be implemented.

Why bother with research?

Because you can gain a better understanding of your business. Our experienced marketers can research your industry, competitors and business trends and will create a clear marketing strategy based on your goals.

How can enhancing my UX design save me money?

Enhancing your UX design will help your business avoid the need to make changes later, when it can be more expensive to do so.

Will research help me understand my customers?

We deeply believe that when your design delivers what your customers want and the experience makes them feel good too, they will keep coming back.