Beautiful, modern design and strong, conventional UX

These were two of the main ingredients behind this new WordPress built which was done using bespoke web design that reflects this modern brand with the help of bold colours and large tiles filled with information or eye-catching lifestyle images. Other aspects of the website, such as the navigation menu, also benefitted from custom design.

One of the key sections of the website is the Programmes one where people can browse all the training courses available, select the ones they want and then book them.

This was implemented based on UX analysis which provided options for both new users who are not familiar with the website and want to browse this entire section, and returning visitors who know exactly what they want and need to get there fast.

Last, but not least, the entire website was also built to be mobile responsive with the help of custom responsive design, so Bitesize Business Academy’s target audience could enjoy this online platform across all device types.

A fully integrated solution

Whilst the website is built on WordPress, it has also been integrated with Bookeo, the booking system used by the company that allows users to register for the desired training course, and also complete the transaction directly on Bookeo via PayPal.

In addition to this, the website was also integrated with Mailchimp for email marketing, featuring newsletter sign-up forms, and SEO-friendly modules and other functionality were also implemented, to allow the Bitesize Business Academy team to market their new website and help it grow organically.

Discover the new Bitesize Business Academy website here.

If you’re interested in a WordPress solution for your online business, just say [email protected] to see how we can help you.