From the many excellent sessions and talks, highlights for me included:Cross Enterprise Content Integration (Manuel Pistner, Bright Solutions). Drupal is increasingly adopted as an integral business solution, and Manuel explained why integration matters and the benefits of using Drupal in tandem with existing systems (intranets, CRMs, archives and websites... even dear old WordPress). Covering technical concepts such as remote entities, Rules, REST and MongoDB for handling big data, this session highlighted the power and openness of the Drupal framework.

Development Workflow (Yuriy Gerasimov, Propeople). We continually seek to improve our own development processes, and Drupal events present a great opportunity to discuss experiences with other agencies. This presentation shared insights into internal workflow tools (including CI, github and Vagrant) and the practicalities of organising an agile team and driving through the project stages of design -> prototype -> build -> theming -> QA.

Headless Drupal - Buzzword or Next Big Thing? (Boris Böhne aka Drubb). Drupal gets a major upgrade every 4-5 years. Front-end and UI frameworks are developing at a much faster rate (Foundation, Bootstrap, angular.js, Knockout, Ember to name just a few).

So how to deploy cutting-edge front end methods on a Drupal powered site? One solution is to decouple Drupal and the front end. Boris demonstrated an example of Drupal 8 using REST to communicate with a fancy front end, including some of the potential limitations. Thanks to the organisers and sponsors for laying on a feast of Drupal insight and generous hospitality.