Vacancy description

We are looking for enthusiastic web developers who are keen to learn and add to their existing web development skills. You will learn how web development in an agency environment works, from start to finish.

This is an incredible opportunity to learn the fundamental skills necessary to start a career in web development.

Training is provided by highly skilled professional web developers who will equip you with the knowledge and experience to fast track your way to becoming a web developer. Everything you learn during the training sessions will be absolutely current and directly applicable to your work.

Online training is provided to very quickly teach you the foundational languages of web development. Throughout the apprenticeship placement, you will learn more languages and begin to specialise in your chosen area.

In the workplace, you will be designated a Mentor - an experienced web developer who will be responsible for your learning at work. Group training will also be provided with other web development apprentices and we use slack (industry standard messaging app) to keep in touch with all the apprentices, mentors, trainers and past apprentices across the country.

At various points in the year groups of apprentices will get together for residential field trips, for example, a conference, hackathon or group training or team building.

Your duties will include:

  • Work with the development team on existing and new projects, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP to create and improve client websites and applications
  • Attend discovery and planning meetings to help the team decide what to build
  • Attend and input into development team meetings
  • Assist the support team with assigning support tickets and keeping clients informed of progress, completing tickets as skills improve
  • Assist the QA team with automated and manual testing of websites and applications
  • Content administration – Use CMS interface to create and update content on client sites
  • Site Administration - Use CMS interface to create and administer different types of content, lists of content, tags, users, displays and templates

In a Web Development Apprenticeship placement, you will join a team of ambitious and passionate developers to learn and contribute to projects for renowned clients. This is an excellent route into a great career. You will be learning current, marketable skills on the job and in training. You will receive practical, no-holds-barred mentoring in how to build sites by a team of influential, world-class, industry experts, learning from a supportive team who will help you to become a better more rounded developer.

We are looking for Apprentice Web Developers; people that enjoy programming, coding and building websites. You must be passionate about web development, self-motivated, determined to learn and develop new skills and driven to succeed.

Requirements and prospects

Desired skills

We are looking for someone who shows an interest in web development and an enthusiasm for learning new things. Someone who uses a range of learning resources to develop new skills, such as online, books or trial and error. You will definitely need to enjoy learning and exploring, as there’s always something new to master in this industry and everything changes pretty fast. Web development is not just about code, you will need to be able to communicate well with your team and maybe clients too. You’ll also need to be reliable and have a can do approach to your workload. Asking questions is often key to developing new skills quickly but you will also be required to research and learn things by yourself.

Personal qualities

Someone with an enthusiastic and professional attitude and a commitment to learning new skills. You will need to be punctual, reliable, honest and have a strong work ethic. You must be able to work as part of a team and contribute to team meetings, but also able to work on your own to targets and deadlines.

Qualifications required

5 A*-C GCSEs (or equivalents) including Maths, English and ICT.

Future prospects

If you do well in this apprenticeship you will be offered a permanent position. Eighteen months experience and training should give you the level of skills required to seek another position as a Junior Web Developer.

Things to consider - London

The initial selection process consists of three short online forms. You will need to complete all three forms for your application to be considered. Please be aware that we are looking for aptitude and enthusiasm over academic success and qualifications and are particularly keen to receive applications from underrepresented groups.

If successful in this first round you will be invited to attend a selection day in central London on Tuesday 12th February.

The successful candidates from this round will be invited and expected to attend a pre-apprenticeship training programme for three weeks (18th February to 8th March) to equip you with additional skills before entering the workplace.

Our selection process is not determined by academic qualifications, above all, we are looking for people who can show us aptitude and enthusiasm.

Application Process

The initial process is three rounds of online questions in 3 short forms:

  1. The first just contact details and some initial short-form questions as well as necessary questions for our diversity stats
  2. Next is a sort of test - but a short one, we’ll ask you some multiple choice questions about identifying patterns and logic - what’s the next shape, number or picture in the sequence type thing
  3. Next are a few longer answer questions about your interests, experience and background.

None of these questions have a right or wrong answer.

Training to be provided

Training is provided through Happy Ltd, a well-established, award-winning training provider. The industry-led training and curriculum is overseen by, and delivered in association with, The Coders Guild.  Training will be a mixture of classroom sessions and online learning - both are essential to creating a learning environment that works for all. We also advocate challenge-based learning - setting problems to be solved through code.

Wherever possible training is learner-led, we seek to make learning an enjoyable and involving experience. We are keen to help and support young people to get a kick start in their web development career.

This apprenticeship is designed to train someone to become a junior Web Developer in 18 months. Training will specialise in foundational code skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP; Essential tools like the command line, source control, SSH, AWS; and fundamental concepts like Agile, UCD, SDLC.

Developing core skills is also extremely important, group training will often focus on teamwork and improving abilities around problem-solving, prioritisation, estimation - skills we have identified that make a good web developer.

Contact Details

Name: Sheena Morris

Number: 020 7375 7300

Email: [email protected]